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Return rate (Final results of December 21st 2000)

The german version of the questionnaire was launched September 12th 2000, the english version followed November 20th 2000. The following "population" was received:


By now, there are some evaluations of separate parameters. Multiple evaluations will come as soon as I have enough time left from tandem biking. The translation process from german into english is still in progess!

Not all questions were answered in all submitted questionnaires, therefore the number n of answers is given in each graph (n = ...).

[Brands] [Prices] [Satisfaction] [Fields of use] [Transport] [v_max] [Team Weight] [Tandem Weight] [Frame] [Mileage] [Pedals] [Wheels] [Drivetrain]

 Listing of all manufacturers
Brands: We didn't know that there are or were so many brands of tandem bikes. Santana holds the pole position at about 20 % and Cannondale is well established on the second position. KHS and Stevens are relatively new in building tandems but are really good in filling the mid-price segment. Some brands are predominantly selled in Europe like Gleiss, others are ridden only in the US like Co-Motion or Bilenky.

 Listing of all manufacturers
Brands since 1998: Brands of the tandems which were purchased since 1998.

Prices: Retail prices as given by the owners. The two statistics do not overlap.

Satisfaction: Teams were asked if they would buy the same tandem again (yes/no), if they were satisfied with it right after purchase (1: very satisfied, 4:very dissatisfied) and if they are satisfected now, after possible changes (1: very satisfied, 4:very dissatisfied).

Field(s) of use: There were some categories to choose from, and more than one could be selected. A category "Commuting" was not asked, sorry.

Trailers: Surprisingly many tandem teams are using trailers for luggage or children transport. For their children some teams are using trailer bikes or stokid additions.

Maximum speed: The distribution of the maximum speeds as given by the teams. Some maybe misunderstood the question and gave averaged values.

Team weight: Distribution of the team weights, including triplets and quadruplets as well.

Tandem weight: Distribution of the tandem weights, including long vehicles, too.

Frame geometry: Stoker's horizontal top tube length.

Mileage: What the teams said they rode on the bike during the last 12 months.

Pedals: The types of the pedals at the captain's and the stoker's position. At the stoker's position their are slightly less clipless pedals.

Wheels: Wheel diameters, number of spokes of the rear wheels and the frequency of spoke failures.

Drive train: Numbers of teeth of the big chainring.

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